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Honor Bound

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sku: 1597



"Those who have stood for thy cause when the dark was around thee, Those who have pierced through the shadows and shining have found thee, Those who have held to their faith in thy courage and power, Thy spirit, thy honor, thy strength for a terrible hour, Now can rejoice that they see thee in light and in glory, Facing whatever may come as an end to the story In calm undespairing, with steady eyes fixed on the morrow- The morn that is pregnant with blood and with death and with sorrow." Herbert Jones

Additional Information
Notes No
Compatible 3D Figures N/A
Compatible 3D Software DAZ Studio, Poser
What's Included & Features
What's Included & Features In "Honor Bound" Michael 3 steps into ancient battle in gear truly suited for any warrior. The 4 texture sets that make up "Honor Bound" offer a broad range of looks for Xurge's "Fantasy Warrior" from fantasy to realism. Leathers, chain maile, dragon scales and precious metals can all be found here with the kind of detail that will surely bring any render to life.
  • 12 2000 x 2000 texture maps
  • 1 2000 x 2000 trans map
  • 3 reflection maps
  • 12 MAT poses for easy texture application and changes

4 unique texture sets for Xurge's Fantasy Warrior

  • Conqueror: worn black leathers with steel studded leather scale maile and steel trimmings
  • Defender: worn brown leathers with embossed details, chain maile, leather braiding and rich suede
  • Guardian: deep green leathers brushed with metallic finish, "dragon scale maile", gold and other metallic trimmings
  • Martyr: deep brown leathers with snow leopard skins, chain maile, leather trimmings and rough linen

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