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Darkworld Wings Collection

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Five of Darkworld's top selling fantasy wings releases have now been rolled into one package! In this collection you will find the Fallen Angel Wings, Phoenix Wings, Bone Wings, Archon Wings, and Fae Wings; all for the Poser Millennium figures! Gothic, angelic, sci-fi, or fantasy, this package includes wings figures for any occasion!

Additional Information
Notes Simply import the wings and parent them to the character's chest when Victoria, Stephanie, or Michael have all joints set to zero. Then apply the wing poses!
Compatible 3D Figures N/A
Compatible 3D Software DAZ Studio, Poser
What's Included & Features
What's Included & Features
  • Fallen Angel Wings Smartprop:
    • for Victoria, Michael, or Stephanie
    • 5 different textures
    • 23 morph targets for incredible posing
    • The Fallen Angel wings can be rendered with or without the bump map or trans map effectively. Simply parent them to the character's chest when your figure is in the default (zero settings) position. The wings are NOT poseable, but are a prop file which is posed using the morph targets.
  • Bone Wings Poseable Figure:
    • for Victoria, Michael, or Stephanie
    • In two complete texture sets, infernal and frozen, the wings bend and pose perfectly, and work well parented to the back of any figure.
    • many poseable segments which bend and turn seamlessly
    • 10 dynamic poses
    • symmetry compatible
  • Phoenix Wings Conforming Figure:
    • for Victoria, Michael, or Stephanie
    • conforms perfectly to the figure mimicking movements and poses!
    • 2 different textures
    • After files install to the Poser4 directory, simply add the conforming figure from the Figures\!Darkworld Wings library.
    • The Phoenix Wings should conform equally well to Victoria 1, 2, or 3, Stephanie, and Michael.
  • Archon Wings Poseable Figure:
    • 1 Wings figure for Victoria or Stephanie, 1 Wings figure for Michael
    • can be used parented to the character's back OR as a conforming figure!
    • 11 MAT files!
    • 22 awesome poses
    • 11 textures
    • 6 morphs
  • Fae Wings Poseable Figure:
    • for Victoria, Michael, or Stephanie
    • 10 different textures
    • 25 fae poses
    • 14 MAT files
    • 1 reflection map
    • Four completely poseable sections!
    • symmetry compatible
    • Simply parent these beautiful wings to your character's chest.
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