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Dagon for Hiro

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sku: 4007



'...force that daunts, and cunning that ensnares!
Yet as the terrors of the lordly bell,
That quench, from hut to palace, lamps and fires,
Touch not the tapers of the sacred quires;
Even so a thraldom, studious to expel
Old laws, and ancient customs to derange,
To Creed or Ritual brings no fatal change...'
William Wordsworth
With 'Dagon', a complete set of clothing and weaponry, Hiro takes center stage as warrior, villain, romantic hero or almost anything else that lives in your imagination.

Additional Information
Notes This product has 2 installers.
Compatible 3D Figures Hiro 3
Compatible 3D Software DAZ Studio, Poser
What's Included & Features
What's Included & Features
  • Pants (cr2 and obj)
    • Realistic
    • Stylized
    • Muscular
    • Definition
    • WaistNarrow
  • Boots (cr2 and obj)
    • Realistic
    • Stylized
    • Muscular
  • Shirt (cr2 and obj)
    • Realistic
    • Stylized
    • Muscular
    • WaistNarrow
  • Scabbard Harness (cr2 and obj)
    • Realistic
    • Stylized
    • Muscular
    • NoShirt
  • Gloves (cr2 and obj)
    • Realistic
    • Stylized
    • Muscular
    • Definition
  • Cleaver Sword(pp2 and obj)
    • Right Hand, Left Hand, and for Scabbard smart props
  • Cleaver Scabbard (pp2 and obj)
    • Smart Propped to Scabbard Harness
  • Hand grasp poses and partial two-handed grasp poses for the Cleaver
  • 4 compete sets of textures for the Dagon clothing and weapon pieces
    • Blue: Light and dark blue leathers with gold scrolling trims
    • Brown: Brown embossed leather with light brown twill
    • Green: Deep peacock green and chartruse leathers with oriental styled ornamentation
    • Rust: Metallic 'rusted' leathers with dark charcoal leather studded with rivets
  • 34 high resolution texture maps
  • 2 reflection maps
  • 2 bump maps
  • MAT poses for easy texture application and changes
Resource Files

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