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InaneGlory's Photo Studio 2

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sku: 14027



Add a little drama to your renders. InaneGlory's Photo Studio 2 expands upon the concepts of using light emitting objects and a single combined lighting figure as presented in the original Photo Studio. Photo Studio 2 is compatible with the original Photo Studio, but it is a completely stand-alone product. You get three new light rigs featuring twin key lights, and three with twin fill lights. Plus a ton of pose, material and utility options to make using the lights easy and convenient. Three backdrop props are also included with new textures for each. All props and textures are also interchangeable with those from Photo Studio 1.

Additional Information
Notes No
Compatible 3D Figures No
Compatible 3D Software DAZ Studio
What's Included & Features
What's Included & Features
  • 6 Full light sets (.DAZ)
    • 3 Twin Key Light sets
    • 3 Twin Fill Light sets
  • 50 Full set poses to move all lights at once
  • 19 Individual light pose presets
  • 12 Ratio Key/Fill Intensity Settings
  • 50 Color Presets (25 Twin Key, 25 Twin Fill)
    • 5 Blue (one for each light and one for all lights)
    • 5 Red (one for each light and one for all lights)
    • 5 Green (one for each light and one for all lights)
    • 5 Orange (one for each light and one for all lights)
    • 5 White (one for each light and one for all lights)
  • 16 Light ON/OFF (one set for each light)
  • 20 Visibility ON/OFF (one set for each light)
  • 7 Quality Settings
  • 6 Shadow Intensities
  • 3 Props
    • Studio
    • Backdrop
    • Paper Roll
  • 47 Texture options (each usable with any of the 3 props)
    • 15 Wall Texture Presets
    • 9 Floor Texture Presets
    • 16 Paper Roll Texture Presets
    • 7 Paper Roll Bump Map Presets
  • Built in DS3.1.2.24

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