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Bryce Masters Series: Smoke and Mirrors

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The Smoke and Mirrors tutorial shows you how David Wiles (Hamfast) overcame the limitations of a slow computer using multiple renders, layering, and masks to generate his 'Last Stand at Parth Galen' image. Unlike previous Masters Series Tutorials, this tutorial follows David as he worked his way through the image, making decisions, changes, and morph targets. Instructions are then provided on loading the figures and clothing, applying morphs and poses, importing into Bryce, and arranging the final scene. Included is the base Bryce scene, all the objects needed to recreate the scene in Bryce, and the Poser files needed to create the figures and weapons. While the tutorial uses various clothing products (see associated products listing), you can use whatever clothing and textures you have to build your own version of the scene.

Please note that the download files ending in "B" are to be installed to your Bryce directory while the file ending in "P" is to be installed to your Poser directory.

Additional Information
Notes No
Compatible 3D Figures No
Compatible 3D Software Bryce
What's Included & Features
What's Included & Features
  • Eight Pages of Tutorial Text with Images
  • Bryce Files
    • Basic Foundation Scene (.br5)
    • Complete Base Scene (no figures) (.br5)
    • Bryce Sky Preset (.bsk)
    • 28 Object Presets (.obp) - Tree Trunks, Grass, and Ferns
    • 1 Ground Material Preset (.mat)
  • Photoshop Files
    • Weave and Lightbeams Files (.psd)
  • Poser Files
    • Foreground Tree (.pz3)
    • 55 Texture Files for Weapons, Armor, and Clothing
    • 13 Character Files for Morphed Figures and Clothing (.cr2)
    • 13 Prop Files for Weapons and Armor in P4 and ProPack/Poser5/6 Format (.pp2)
    • 2 Hair files to load Morphed Hair (.hr2)
    • 4 INJ/REM Files to Inject Morphs (.pz2)
    • 12 MAT Pose Files in P4 and ProPack/Poser5/6 Format (.pz2)
    • 6 MOR Pose Files (.pz2)
    • 22 Pose Files (.pz2)
    • 1 Camera Setting (.cm2)
  • For a complete list of Included and Required or Recommended items, Click Here

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