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Batch Pro For Poser 7

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sku: 8081



Batch Pro for Poser 7 is a plug-in that allows the user to render multiple Poser files automatically. With all the long hours you put into your projects there is still a large number of hours that may be thrown away each day while you eat, sleep, or just tend to your daily life that doesn't involve 3D projects. With Batch Pro you can set up multiple scenes with different camera angles, lights, renders settings, etc. and render them while you are away from your computer thereby increasing productivity and regaining hours of lost opportunity cost.

</ br> Click HERE for a YouTube Video on Batch Pro for Poser 7 Basics
Additional Information
  • Requires Poser 7 or later, DAZ Studio is not supported in this product.
  • Product MUST be installed into the default Poser 7 program install folder.
Compatible 3D Figures N/A
Compatible 3D Software N/A
What's Included & Features
What's Included & Features
  • Add File Field - Stores .PZ3 File to Add to Batch Queue. You Can Only Add a New File Once You Add Current File to Batch Queue or Delete it from Add File Field.
  • Add File/Delete File - Add or Delete Current .PZ3 File from Add File Field.
  • Options - Choose:
    • Movie Format (.PNG, .TIF, .BMP, .TGA, .JPG, .PSD, or .SWF)
    • Compression (Only if Image Format is .JPG)
    • Movie Renderer (FireFly, Poser 4, Sketch, Preview)
    • Antialias
    • Motion Blur (and Amount)
    • Resolution (Width and Height)
  • Flash Export - Choose:
    • Overlap Colors
    • Draw Outer Lines
    • Draw Inner Lines (and Line Width)
    • Color Quantization (All Frames or Specified Frame)
    • Number of Colors
  • Time Span:
    • Start and End Frame for Movie Output
    • Frame Rate and Every Nth Frame increment
  • Batch Que:
    • Add/Delete File from Batch Queue
    • Run Bbatch Queue (Will Shut Down Once Process is Completed. File will be Saved to Directory of .PZ3 File)
    • Cancel Button Shuts Batch Pro Down, No Settings will be Saved

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