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Pegasus Action Bundle

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Pegasus, the most famous horse in mythology, is now yours to command!

The Pegasus Action Bundle combines Pegasus Combat and Pegasus Drama. In addition there are 6 three-pose sets of Horse/Wings and Subdragon combat only available in this bundle. Eighteen extra poses in all are included.

Pegasus Drama for Victoria 5, a premiere 3D model, DAZ Horse 2, and Griffin Wings consists of 12 three-pose sets of aerial drama for rider, horse and wings. There is a total of 36 high-flying poses.

Pegasus Combat for Michael 5, DAZ Horse 2, and Griffin Wings consists of three-pose sets of aerial combat for rider, horse and wings. Featured are weapon actions for spear, sword and bow and arrow. There are four actions in each sub-set for a total of 36 poses.

There are 96 poses in the Pegasus Action Bundle which includes six utility poses.

Generic hand poses are set to accept a variety of weapon types.

Most rider poses will fit other posed horses with little or no adjustments.

Some wing poses will fit other rider/horse poses outside their specific set.

The default wing poses also fit most rider/horse sets.

Michael 5 and Victoria 5 actions are interchangeable with some adjustments to the seating of the rider.

Zeroing poses for rider, horse and wings are included. Partial rider poses are included to convert your other Genesis poses to Pegasus rider poses.

See the ReadMe for tips on how to arrange combat scenes.

Mount up and fly away to aerial adventure!

Mount up and fly away to aerial adventure!

Additional Information
Notes No
Compatible 3D Figures No
Compatible 3D Software DAZ Studio 4.6
What's Included & Features
What's Included & Features

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