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Zero Gee Combat V4

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'War is Hell!' And in Outer Space it's even worse.

Fighting in weightless conditions takes a special kind of warrior. Victory goes to the agile, swift and strong. The battle is won by accurate shooters, proficient with every kind of ray gun made by man or alien.

Zero Gee Combat is a 32 pose series of free-form pistoleros struggling for survival in zero and low gravity scenarios, in outer space or underwater. Some serial movement poses are included.

Zero Gee Combat poses are designed around the 4 Classic Ray Guns by Valandar. Loader body poses and hand poses are provided for right and left hand ray guns attachment. Loader and hand poses for the 45 Autoloader pistol are included for V4 (for Honor Harrington fans) and for the V4 Diving Gear speargun.

Right and left hand smart-prop Classic Ray Guns are included, courtesy of DAZ3D. The 4 ray guns are included as PP2 files only. You must have Valandar's ray gun set for the props to load and work.

Although loader and hand poses are provided, any other guns can be used with hand poses and guns from other sources.

As most poses are free-floating it is quite easy to rotate poses in mid-air for a wider variety of actions. Also legs can be easily altered for even more variety.

Additional Information
Notes No
Compatible 3D Figures Victoria 4
Compatible 3D Software DAZ Studio, Poser
What's Included & Features
What's Included & Features
  • 32 Poses (.PZ2)
    • 45ACP-V4 Loader.pz2
    • 45ACP-V4-NoParent.pz2
    • ECalcinator-V4 Loader.pz2
    • EDisingen-V4 Loader.pz2
    • Nadine-V4 Loader.pz2
    • ProtonicRev-V4 Loader.pz2
    • Speargun-V4 Loader.pz2
    • Speargun-V4-NoParent.pz2
    • Braced Shooter
    • Diving Shooter
    • Flipping Shooter
    • Floating Shooter
    • Grasping Rail Shooter
    • Gun Control-V Lf.pz2
    • Gun Control-V Rt.pz2
    • Hanging Shooter
    • Leaning Shooter
    • Pushing Off 1
    • Pushing Off 2
    • Rescuer-V Grabbing.pz2
    • Rescuer-V Wounded.pz2
    • Rolling Shooter
    • Shooting Backwards
    • Shooting Double
    • Shooting Down Hatch
    • Shooting Over Top
    • Shooting Thru Hatch
    • Shoving Off 1
    • Shoving Off 2
    • Skidding Shooter-V4.pz2
    • Surrounded Shooter
    • Swinging Shooter
  • 10 Hand Poses (.HD2)
    • 45ColtAuto-V4RH
    • ECalcin-V4LH
    • ECalcin-V4RH
    • EthericDisin-V4LH
    • EthericDisin-V4RH
    • Nadine-V4LH
    • Nadine-V4RH
    • ProtonicRev-V4LH
    • ProtonicRev-V4RH
    • Speargun-V4RH9
  • 8 Props (.PP2 only)
    • Nadine-V4LH
    • Nadine-V4RH
    • EDisingenerator-V4LH
    • EDisingenerator-V4RH
    • ECalcinator-V4LH
    • ECalcinator-V4RH
    • ProtonicRev-V4LH
    • ProtonicRev-V4RH

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