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Michael 3 Dynamic Pose Construction Set

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Have you been looking for a way to quickly create poses for your Michael3 based characters? Would you like to be able to explore an almost endless number of posing possibilities without rotating a single dial or body part? Do you want to be able to quickly get the 'posing' out of the way so you can concentrate on creating your art? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the Michael3 Dynamic Pose Construction Set is exactly what you need. The partial poses that make up this Pose Construction Set allow you to create an endless supply of dynamic, action packed poses with the simple click of a mouse. There are not enough hours in the day, days in the week, or weeks in the year to explore all of the possible combinations of this set. Imagine how much fun you'll have trying.

This is an extremely versatile set in it's own right, but when you begin to use the partial poses to renew poses you already have, it truly shines. All of the poses you currently have and all those you will acquire can be easily altered and expanded with the simple click of a mouse.

Additional Information
Notes No
Compatible 3D Figures Michael 3
Compatible 3D Software DAZ Studio, Poser
What's Included & Features
What's Included & Features
  • 143 Partial-Poses
    • 09 Abdomen-Chest Partial Poses
      • The �Abdomen-Chest' partial poses alter the orientation of the mid to upper torso of the figure. Because the Collar & Arms are subsequent links of the Chest, and the Chest is a child of the Abdomen, using these partial-poses will influence the orientation of the entire upper body.
    • 06 Abdomen-Chest-Collar Partial Poses
      • The �Abdomen-Chest-Collar' partial poses alter the mid to upper torso of the figure, this time including the 'lCollar' and 'rCollar'. Using these partial poses will alter the orientation of the entire upper body, as well as influence the orientation of the shoulders and arms.
    • 09 Collar-Arms Partial Poses
      • The �Collar-Arms' partial-poses allow you to alter the collar and arms without disrupting the overall action line of the figure by affecting the orientation of the chest.
    • 05 Collar-Arm-Left Partial Poses
    • 05 Collar-Arm-Right Partial Poses
      • The �Collar-Arm-Left' and �Collar-Arm-Right' partial poses give you the opportunity to alter only the collar and arm of a given side of a figure. This one addition to this Pose Construction Set greatly increases the number of truly unique poses that it is possible to create.
    • 04 Forearms-Arms Partial Poses
      • The �Forearms-Hands' partial poses alter the lower part of the arms (including hands) without disturbing the position of the upper arms(shoulders).
    • 08 Hand Left Partial Poses
    • 08 Hand Right Partial Poses
      • How many times have you had the perfect pose with the exception of the hands? The �Hands Left & Hands Right' partial-poses alter the individual hands without altering any other part of the figure.
    • 12 Head-Neck Partial Poses
      • The �Head-Neck' partial-poses control where your character is looking and therefore directly affect the focus of his attention.
    • 06 Hips Partial Poses
      • The �Hips' partial poses alter the orientation of the entire figure due to the fact that the hips are the root of the figure hierarchy.
    • 05 Hips-Abs-Chest Partial Poses
      • The �Hips-Abs-Chest' partial poses alter the position of the torso as well as the orientation of the entire figure via changing the orientation of the hips.
    • 10 Legs Partial Poses
      • The �Legs' partial poses alter the entire lower portion of the figure without affecting the hips.
    • 27 Lower Body Partial Poses
      • The �Lower Body' partial poses make giving your character a good leg to stand on as easy as can be. This is done without affecting any portion of the upper body. Each lower body pose (with the exception of those meant to be airborne) is anchored to the ground in a realistic way, with balance and distribution of weight taken into account.
    • 03 Lower legs Partial Poses
      • The �Lower Leg' partial-poses, alter the lower portion of the lower body (shins and below). These partial-poses can be useful in changing the stance of your character, or changing his overall relationship with Mother Earth.
    • 31 Upper Body Partial Poses
      • The �Upper Body' partial poses allow for one of the quickest ways to a final pose, altering everything above the hips without affecting the hips or anything below.
    • 16 Default Poses/Partial Poses
      • Default partial-poses for each category of partial-poses are included to make life a bit easier on you. These will allow you to return the entire figure or just the portion of it you wish to it's default state.
  • 60 Sample Poses
    • Created with the set to showcase the potential of the set.
  • 40 Pg. PDF Users Guide
    • Table of Contents
      • Chapter1: Overview: What is a Pose Construction Set
      • Chapter2: What's in My Dynamic Pose Construction Set
      • Chapter3: Getting Started
      • Chapter4: Reference: A Visual Guide to the Contents of the Set
      • F.A.Q.
      • Thank You
  • Possibilities
    • Click your way through MILLIONS of possible Partial-Pose combinations. Let's do the math. . .
      • The 27 �upper body' and 31�lower body' poses when combined yield 837 poses.
      • Throw in the 5 �Collar-Arms' poses and the number of possible poses jumps to 7,533.
      • Vary the poses with the 12 �Head-Neck' partial poses and you have 90,369 possible poses.
      • Alter the poses with the 9 �Abdomen-Chest' partial poses and you have 813,564 possible poses.
      • Adding the 4 �Forearms-Hands' partial poses to the mix yields 3,254,256 possible poses.
      • Vary the poses with the 5 �Hips-Abs-Chest' partial poses and you have 16,271,280 possible poses.
      • Each of these 16,271,280 poses can be altered with the 5 �Legs' partial poses included giving you the means to create 81,356,400 poses from the partial-poses we've mentioned so far.
      • Factor in the 5 �Collar-Arm-Left' partial-poses and you have 406,782,000 possible poses.
      • Even without factoring in the Collar-Arm-Right, Lower Legs, Hips, Left Hand, Right Hand, or Abs-Chest-Collar poses, the number of possible combinations is already so large it would seem to fall outside the realm of possibility.
    • Can be used alone or in conjunction with poses you already have.
      • Re-ignite the lifeforce of your old poses for Michael 3 by enhancing them with the partial-poses contained in this set to create new possibilities..
      • Be comforted by the knowledge that any poses you acquire in the future can also be enhanced by the partial poses in this set.

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