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Everyday Hands Poses for V4 and M4

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sku: 12601



Presenting... a very 'handy' product-- pun intended! This set includes dozens of hand poses for almost every activity imaginable. Most of the poses are for holding, carrying, or using all manner of props. With this set, your V4 and M4 can easily do just about anything - hold a cell phone... eat with chopsticks (or with a knife and fork)... measure out a three-finger pinch of spice for cooking... present a business card... line up a basketball shot... puff on a cigar... and just about anything else you want.

Even if a pose isn't exactly what you need for a specific prop, you can find a pose that's 'close' and easily adapt it for that prop - much faster and easier than posing a hand 'from scratch'.

The poses affect only the fingers, so you can pose the arm and hand any way you like, then apply the desired hand pose. You can also use these hand poses in conjunction with any other pose set. Just apply the primary pose for the body, then apply the desired hand pose.

Note: The props shown in the promo pictures are not included.

Also Note: Not all poses are shown in the promo pictures.

Required Products: Michael 4 and/or Victoria 4

Program Compatibility: Poser 6+ and DAZ Studio 2+

Additional Information
Notes No
Compatible 3D Figures Victoria 4, Michael 4, Aiko 4, The Kids 4, Victoria 4 Elite, Michael 4 Elite, The Girl 4, Stephanie 4, Hiro 4
Compatible 3D Software DAZ Studio, Poser
What's Included & Features
What's Included & Features All of the Following Hand Poses Are Included for Both Michael 4 and Victoria 4 (40 Poses for Each, 80 Poses in All):
  1. Ball Large 1: Holding a Basketball (or Similar Ball) with the Palm Flat and the Fingers Spread.
  2. Ball Large 2: Same as 1, but with the Fingers 'Tented'
  3. Ball Large 3: Same as 1, but with the Hand in the 'Free Throw' Position
  4. Ball Small: Catching or Throwing a Small Ball, like a Tennis Ball
  5. Book Carry 1: Carrying a Book (or any similar Object) with the Fingers Curled Around the Spine or Edge
  6. Book Carry 2: Carrying a Book Clasped Between the Thumb and Fingers
  7. Cell Phone: Holding a Cell Phone (or Similar Object) between the Thumb and Fingertips
  8. Chopsticks: Holding Chopsticks in Standard Eating Position
  9. Cigar 1: Holding a Cigar Between the Thumb and Fingertips
  10. Cigar 2: Holding a Cigar in the 'Crook' of the Index Finger
  11. Cigarette 1: Holding a Cigarette between the Index and Middle Fingers, with the Hand Relaxed
  12. Cigarette 2: Same as Cigarette 1, but with the Fingers Straight, as When Puffing
  13. Cigarette 3: Holding a Cigarette between the Thumb and Index Finger
  14. Coffee Mug: Holding a Coffee Mug with the Thumb, Index, and Middle Fingers
  15. Cup Hand: Hand Cupped, as for Holding an Object or Scooping up Water
  16. Cylinder Large: Holding a Large Cylinder, such as a Coffee Can or Vase
  17. Cylinder Medium: Holding a Medium-Size Cylinder, such as a Soda Can
  18. Cylinder Small 1: Holding and Pointing a Small Cylindrical Object, such as a Sword Grip, a Flashlight, a Barbecue Fork, a Wand, Etc.
  19. Cylinder Small 2: Gripping a Small Cylindrical Object, such as a Broom Handle, a Bicycle Grip, a Hand Weight, Etc.
  20. Fork-Spoon: Holding a Fork or Spoon; also Works for an Artist's Paintbrush or Pen
  21. Hand Flat 1: Hand Pressed against a Flat Surface with the Fingers Spread
  22. Hand Flat 2: Same as Above, but with the Fingers Together
  23. Hand Tended: Hand Resting on Flat Surface, with the Fingers 'Tented'
  24. Lipstick: Holding a Tube of Lipstick or Chapstick, or any Other Small Cylindrical Object
  25. Little Bit: Using the Thumb and Forefinger to Indicate a Small Amount-- 'Just a Little Bit'
  26. Pencil: Holding a Pencil or Pen in Writing Position; Can also Be Used for Artist's Paintbrush, Small Carving Tools, Etc.
  27. Phone: Holding a Regular Telephone Receiver
  28. Pinch 1: Pinching the Thumb and Forefinger Together
  29. Pinch 2: A Two-Fingered Pinch
  30. Pinch 3: A Three-Fingered Pinch
  31. Pinchgrip 1: Gripping a Flat Object, such as a Business Card or Piece of Paper, between the Thumb and Index Finger
  32. Pinchgrip 2: A Stronger Variation of Pinchgrip 1
  33. Sandwich: Holding a Hamburger, Sandwich, or any Similar Object
  34. Spray Bottle: Holding Any Sort of Small Spray Bottle
  35. Table Knife: Holding a Table Knife; Can also Be Used for Other Small Tools, such as a Chisel or Wood-Carving Knife
  36. Wine Bottle 1: Holding a Wine Bottle (or Other Cylindrical Object) between the Thumb and Fingertips
  37. Wine Bottle 2: Holding a Wine Bottle (or Similar Bottle) by the Neck
  38. Wine Glass 1: Holding a Wine Glass by the Bowl
  39. Wine Glass 2: Holding a Wine Glass by the Stem (also Useful for Holding a Flower or Any Other Such Object
  40. Zero Fingers: Returns Fingers to the 'Zero' Position

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