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dB Animation Kit - Swordworks for M4

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sku: 17328



Swordworks for Michael 4 is a collection of animated sword swipe files to get M4 slicing his way into action. By keeping the camera up close and personal, you should be able to render out a wealth of battles back and forth amidst any and all of your sword-wielding action heroes with this kit. But then there are those times when you just need them to clash and interlock, right? I've included a "Clash" sequence. Load "A" to one and "B" to another to have two M4 figures lock their swords!

There are also some threatening actions as well. What's a good sword battle without a bit of taunting?

Please note: In the following video, the marching, running and fall down animations are not included - they are sold in this store by GoFigure!

* Swords Not Included

What's in the Kit
Swordworks for M4 comes with nine animation sequences of individual actions and with two more that are made as a paired set, where the two opponents clash in a sword lock. There are also five still poses for you to use either for still images or as the beginnings, middle, or ends of new animations of your own. With a Bezier style tweener set, an animation could even be lengthened by proceeding further down the timeline and applying an appropriate still pose. These sixteen pose files are offered in two ways: Poser PZ2 and Carrara NLA, and then the eleven animation files are also included as aniBlocks. Default installations will place Poser files within the Poser “Pose” library under “Dartanbeck”. The aniBlocks will go in your allocated DAZ Studio Library's “aniBlocks” folder under “Dartanbeck”. Finally, the Carrara installation will go into the Carrara installation directory: Presets > Clips under “Dartanbeck”.

Start by adding your favorite sword to you M4 Figure and then add the animated pose of your choice. The video shows the files working with a little bit of extra adjustments on Predatron's Troglodytes and Michael 2, in case you might find use for these with some of your other figures.

I truly hope that you have a lot of fun creating action sequences with this set. Jam that camera into the action and remember that the movements and complexities of what's going on all around are tense! Fast action cam ins and outs and side-to-side without forgetting to roll on the pitch as well!

Happy Rendering My Friend,


Additional Information
  • This product includes:
    • 1 DAZ Studio Core Installer
    • 1 Poser Core Installer
    • 1 Carrara Core Installer
Compatible 3D Figures Michael 4
Compatible 3D Software DAZ Studio, Poser, Carrara
What's Included & Features
What's Included & Features
  • 11 Animated Poses (.PZ2, aniBlock, and NLA)
    • Two are a Paired Clash
    • Six are Slices, Swipes and Turns
    • Three are Threatening Gestures
  • 5 Still Poses (.PZ2, .DSA and .NLA)
    • 2 for Holding the Clash - 1 for each involved
    • 3 Stances
  • 1 Sword Hand - Hand Pose (.HD2 and NLA)

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