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dB Animation Kit 1 for Millennium Dragon 2

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From deep within the heated core of the world's deepest mountain caves an ancient creature stirs in her lair - awakened by meddlesome adventurers out to make a name for themselves.

dB Animation Kits are helpful and easy-to-use collections of animated PZ2 files designed to use by themselves, or linked together to create a longer animation render. dB Animation Kit 1 for the Millennium Dragon 2 contains animated poses to help move your dragon through its lair with a "lurking" walk cycle which works equally well for caves and tunnels as well as on land. Animate your dragon to move into a defensive stance or leap into the air and take to flight! Also included are the left-only and right-only portions of the walk and transitions to add further flexibility of joining the animations together.

Carrara users will delight in that this set comes with a full collection of the animations in NLA Clip files - which adds even more flexibility using the "Match Current Position" and other functions. I've also included a shader set which utilizes the texture maps from Mil Dragon 2.0 to create a great look in Carrara - as seen in the promo video.

Entertainment Trailer Promo

Animated Poses Demo

Additional Information
Notes No
Compatible 3D Figures N/A
Compatible 3D Software DAZ Studio, Poser, Carrara
What's Included & Features
What's Included & Features
  • Six custom animation sets that add life-like motion to the Daz3d Millennium Dragon 2.0
  • All in the versatile PZ2 format for use in Daz Studio, Poser and Carrara
    • Lurking
        A stationary looping walk cycle in a 'lurking' pose
    • Lurk
        A moving walk cycle in a 'lurking' pose
    • Lurk L - Crouch
        Transition from the lurking cycle to a crouching pose
    • Crouch - Defense
        Transition from the crouching pose to a defensive move
    • Crouch - Take Off
        Transition from the crouching pose to the beginning of the Take Off animation
    • Take Off
        A dramatic animation of the dragon leaping into the air and taking to flight
    • Two additional transitions: Lurk L & Lurk R
        Each being a half of the complete walk cycle for added transitional flexibility
  • Carrara NLA Clips of each of the animated poses
      With Carrara's "Match Previous Position" and other NLA functions, this adds a whole new level of ease and use of the animation files
  • Bonus: Carrara Shader set for the Millennium Dragon 2.0
      Requires the Millennium Dragon 2.0 Textures

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