Hadrosaur Expansion Pack

Hadrosaur Expansion Pack

  • $24.95
    • $24.95
    Compatible Figures:
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    DAZ Studio, Poser
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    Compatible Figures:
    Compatible Software:
    DAZ Studio, Poser
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    The Ex Terra series of prehistoric creatures From Out of the Earth just got a whole lot bigger! This Expansion Pack from Digital I turns the standalone Corythosaurus figure into a full dozen different Hadrosaur types! From the bizarrely hollow-crested Parasaurolophus and Lambeosaurus of North America, to the Asian Olorotitan, to the solid-crested Saurolophus and the 'good-mother lizard' Maiasaura, there are plenty of different types of duck-billed Hadrosaurs in this Expansion Pack to fill out your prehistoric scenes!

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    What's Included and Features

    • New Figure for Geometry Switching Crest Variants (.CR2 and .OBJ)
      • Corythosaurus (Base Hadrosaur)
        • Cory-Height
        • Cory-SubAdult
      • Lambeosaurus lambei
        • LambHeight
        • LambSpike
        • LambTopNotch
        • LambCrestFwd
        • LambCrestRearNotch
      • Lambeosaurus magnicristatus
        • LambCrestSize
        • LambNoHook
      • Parasaurolophus walkeri
        • ParaCrestLength
        • ParaTipBulb
      • Parasaurolophus cyrtocristatus
        • ParaCrestSize
      • Maiasaura
        • MaiaNoseRidge
        • MaiaNoseInflate
      • Edmontosaurus
        • EdmoNoseRidge
        • EdmoNoseInflate
      • Prosaurolophus
        • ProsNoseRidge
        • ProsNoseInflate
      • Tsintaosaurus
        • TsinSpikeSmall
        • TsinSpikeAngle
      • Saurolophus
        • SaurCrestSize
        • SaurNoseInflate
      • Hadrosaurus
        • HadroNoseInflate
        • HadroSnoutHeight
      • Olorotitan
        • OloroCrestFwd
        • OloroFlatForeHd
        • OloroFlangeSize
        • OloroCrestHt
    • Additional Conforming Back Frills (.CR2 and .OBJ)
      • Parasaurolophus
      • Saurolophus
    • Texture Maps Unique for Each Hadrosaur Type
      • 11 Color Maps (3072x3072)
      • 22 Crest Color and Bump/Displacement Maps Maps (512x512)
      • 13 Frill Color and Bump/Displacement Maps (1024x1024)
    • MAT/MOR Poses to Change Type (Crest and Texture) with One Click (.PZ2)
    • DAZ Studio Material/Morph Presets to Change Type (Crest and Texture) with One Click (.DS)


    DAZ Studio Users: There is no longer a separate DAZ Studio installer for these Presets. DAZ Studio will automatically apply the DAZ Studio version of the Material Presets, giving you the correct DAZ Studio look for your Hadrosaur Expansion Pack. Please see the ReadMe for additional information.

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