Alpha Male Combat New World

Alpha Male Combat New World

  • $7.95
    • $7.95
    Compatible Figures:
    Compatible Software:
    DAZ Studio, Poser
    Compatible Figures:
    Compatible Software:
    DAZ Studio, Poser
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    Thirty-six alpha male domination combination poses for the DAZ Bison, Buck, Bull, Horse, Pronghorn, and Wolf (Dog).

    He's the leader of the pack... the head of the herd... The Alpha Male ferociously defends his harem and family. He is ever ready and eager to take on all rivals.

    Each set of eighteen paired pose set features a challenging/charging, a fighting, and a winner/loser action for each animal. Each confrontation set-up is optimized for pose modifications to create more actions. All poses were meticulously researched for accuracy.

    Face poses are included to clear the morph settings of the ferocious expressions.

    Here is the dominant male at his savage best.

    What's Included and Features

    • Alpha Male Combat - New World (.PZ2)
      • 6 Mill Horse
        • HRS Fighting Lf
        • HRS Win-Lose Lf
        • HRS Challenging Lf
        • HRS Challenging Rt
        • HRS Fighting Rt
        • HRS Win-Lose Rt
      • 6 Mill Dog (Wolf)
        • WLF Challenge Lf
        • WLF Challenge Rt
        • WLF Fighting Lf
        • WLF Fighting Rt
        • WLF Win-Lose Lf
        • WLF Win-Lose Rt
      • 6 Bull
        • BUL Win-Lose Lf
        • BUL Win-Lose Rt
        • BUL Butting Lf
        • BUL Butting Rt
        • BUL Charging Lf
        • BUL Charging Rt
      • 6 Bison
        • BSN Charging Lf
        • BSN Charging Rt
        • BSN Grappling Lf
        • BSN Grappling Rt
        • BSN Win-Lose Lf
        • BSN Win-Lose Rt
      • 6 ProngHorn
        • PHN Charging Lf
        • PHN Charging Rt
        • PHN Grappling Lf
        • PHN Grappling Rt
        • PHN Win-Lose Lf
        • PHN Win-Lose Rt
      • 6 Buck
        • BUK Butting Lf
        • BUK Butting Rt
        • BUK Charging Lf
        • BUK Charging Rt
        • BUK Win-Lose Lf
        • BUK Win-Lose Rt
    • 6 Reset Faces (.FC2)
      • WLF Zero Face.fc2
      • HRS Zero Face.fc2
      • BSN Zero Face.fc2
      • BUK Zero Face.fc2
      • BUL Zero Face.fc2
      • PHN Zero Face.fc2



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