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ShaderSpider is a powerful wacro suite that will change the way you work with Poser's Material Room forever. With a hearty feature set packed with time savers, partial shaders and developer tools, you won't remember working any other way after using ShaderSpider.
Additional Information
Notes Poser 6 Service Release 1 is required for all the scripts to function properly.
Compatible 3D Figures N/A
Compatible 3D Software Poser
What's Included & Features
What's Included & Features
  • Poser 6 SR3, Poser 7 only. Works on both Mac and PC Work conveniently inside of Poser 6.
  • Speed Boosting Shortcuts
    • Quickly apply settings to other materials on the figure using a variety of different methods.
    • Work with materials in groups, by matching name or all at once.
    • Don't worry about what figure you're using--SS6's features will work on almost any human figure.
    • Over 60 figures pre-configured to work with ShaderSpider. (See pop-up for full list)
    • The Group Editor makes it easy to add more figures or to customize how a figure's material groups are set up.
  • Save and Load Partial Shaders (FX6)
    • Save and apply select branches of the shader tree without affecting other shader information.
    • Great for adding all kinds of effects like wetness, warts, veins, wrinkles, reflection and scales to any figure and keeping their other settings intact.
    • Share effects with other ShaderSpider users with small, ultra-portable FX6 files.
    • Dozens and dozens of sample effects included!
  • Save MAT Poses
    • Save MAT poses optimized for P4, PP, and P5, material collections for P6/7, and DAZ|Studio material presets.
    • Choose which materials are included in the MAT pose.
    • Saves MAT poses with Poser-style, relative file paths and clean formating.
  • Content Developer Friendly
    • Cut development time using ShaderSpider's shortcuts.
    • No more text editing or even leaving Poser to create MAT poses.
    • Add value to your products by including FX6 partial shaders. Unlike MAT poses, they're nondestructive. Partial shaders are a perfect alternative to MATs for changing skin tones and doing advanced specular setups.
    All tech support for this product is handled by the creator. Please direct all support related inquiries to Poseworks.

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