Pegasus Modeler 3.0

Pegasus Modeler 3.0

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    • $39.95
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    Compatible Figures:
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  • Details

    Pegasus is a Subdivision Polygon Modeler built from the ground up for creating content for Poser. I have taken my years of experience in creating models for Poser and optimized Pegasus for that purpose. What this means is that it works at Poser’s scale (no scaling up or down when importing or exporting), it supports creating groups without splitting the model into parts, it allows for creating material zones and groups separately, it has special display modes for grouping and material zone editing, and it has independent object display modes which are crucial when modeling with a character model as a guide. It also features low distortion, easy to setup UV unwrapping. In addition I have made Pegasus easy to learn by including a complete video tutorial: “Modeling Clothes for Poser Using Pegasus” and I have extended that tutorial to cover “Modeling Clothes for Genesis Using Pegasus.”

    What's Included and Features

    • Morph Editing (new for 3.0)
    • Magnet Deformers (new for 3.0)
    • Custom Layouts (new for 3.0)
    • New video tutorial: “Modeling Clothes for Genesis Using Pegasus” (new for 3.0)
    • Hide vertices while moving option (new for 3.0)
    • Type in Transforms (Scale/Move/Rotate) (new for 3.0)
    • Shortcuts to Hide/Show Groups (new for 3.0)
    • Bodysuit Starter Meshes for Genesis and Victoria 5 (new for 3.0)
    • Lock selection option (new for 3.0)
    • Rotation and scale increments in preferences (new for 3.0)
    • Import .obj files as morphs (new for 3.0)
    • Synchronize Views
      • Same
      • Symmetrical
      • Special
    • Camera Memory (for each view)
    • Smooth Selected
    • Expand Selected
    • Shrink Selected
    • Show Backfaces
    • See-through
    • See-through Selected
    • Show Subdivision in view option
    • Show Frozen in view option
    • Favorites section in toolbox
    • Highlights symmetrical verts/edges/polys
    • Temporarily disables Aero on Vista/Windows 7
    • Bodysuit primitive mesh
    • Interactive Subdivision Modeling
    • Individual object display mode
    • Independent viewport display mode
    • Up to four independent views
    • User editable keyboard shortcuts and mouse controls
    • Low distortion UV Unwrapping
    • 1 hour modeling video tutorial: “Modeling Clothes for Poser Using Pegasus”
    • Modeling Basics
    • Getting Started
    • Modeling
    • UV Mapping
    • Grouping & Export
    • Grouping that does not split verts
    • Material Zone editing
    • Symmetrical Modeling
    • Symmetrical Instance (for modeling)
    • Symmetrical Selection (for tweaking)
    • Modeling commands
    • Extrude
    • Bevel
    • Tweak
    • Move/Scale/Rotate
    • Spin Edge
    • Cut
    • Connect
    • Ring Selection
    • Loop Selection
    • Local Subdivision
    • Weld
    • Create Symmetrical Geometry
    • Duplicate Mesh
    • Subdivide/Subdivide Smooth
    • Remove
    • Disconnect Edges
    • Split UVs
    • Attach Mesh
    • Supports Ngons (polygons with more than 4 sides)
    • Subdivide UVs
    • Obj Import/Export
    • Customizable user interface
    • Rectangle Selection
    • Paint Selection
    • Polygon Selection
    • Soft Selection
    • Auto Backup
    • Backup on save
    • Multiple Undo levels
    • Auto Software updates
    • Adjustable pivot point for Scale/Rotation
    • Primitive Meshes
    • Box
    • Plane
    • Sphere
    • Shirt
    • Pants
    • Image Plane


  • Requirements:
  • This product is for Windows platform only
  • System Requirements
  • Windows XP/XP Pro, Vista, Windows 7
  • CPU: Pentium 4, 1.3 GHz
  • System Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Disk Space: 90MB free hard drive space
  • OpenGL 1.0 compatible graphics card with at least 128 MB RAM and the latest drivers
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader (for help files)
  • Adobe Flash Player (for video tutorials)
  • Registration:
  • You will be provided with a license key by DAZ in one of the forms below:
  • Name: UserName Key: 1111-111-1111-111
  • Serial Key: UserName 1111-111-1111-111
  • To Register:
  • Click the Register button on the application reminder window.
  • Enter UserName in the Name field (No spaces).
  • Enter 1111-111-1111-111 in the Key field (use copy and paste—don’t try to type it).
  • *Numbers here are only provided for illustration purposes
  • Press OK.

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