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    • $34.95
    Compatible Figures:
    Compatible Software:
    DAZ Studio, Poser
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    Compatible Figures:
    Compatible Software:
    DAZ Studio, Poser
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  • Details

    Decal Master is a software tool that helps any user to quick modify textures for any model. The concept is to add, move, rotate and scale "decals" (images with alpha) over the model surface dragging with the mouse. Decal Master is very helpful placing images on the boundary of the texture and resolving problems of scaling/rotating/stretching caused by distorted texture files. Sample decal library included.

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    What's Included and Features

    • Import Poser/DAZ Studio content:
      • Figures
      • Props
      • Clothing
      • OBJ Models
      • Automatic position and zoom after loading NEW!
    • Import Poser and DAZ MAT poses
      • Support for .JPG and .PNG Textures
      • Support for Texture and Transparency Image Maps
    • Apply decals to the model
      • Easily place, move, rotate and scale your decal
      • Each decal is composed by
        • Texture Image Map
        • Transparency Image Map
        • Canvas Image Map
        • Opacity Level (0%-100%) NEW!
      • Support for PNG Transparency
      • Auto-transparency creation if no Transparency Map is available
      • Rotate and resize the decal even separately
    • Place decals over seems between Textures
    • Library of over 50 ready to use decals
    • Easily make your own decal Library saving directly from the Program NEW!
    • Export modified Textures
      • With fast method
      • With high quality, oversampling method
      • Option to export pure decals with separate Transparency Image NEW!
    • Export MAT pose for your new textures
      • Use the Template from an existing pose
    • Export a "Decal Object"
      • Conforming figure containing only the decal
      • Decal object has structure and morphs of the original figure
      • Use the decal object like a clothing figure
      • Decal objects have no loss of quality from the original image
    • Edge bleeding for better texture generation
    • Copy and paste of materials NEW!
    • Support for non-square decals NEW!


    • This product is only available for Windows and only downloadable through the Product Library. It is not available through DIM.
    System Requirements
    PC with installed Windows 2000/XP
    256 MB of RAM memory (best if 512 MB)
    10 MB of free hard drive space
    Good graphics board with support for OpenGL (at least 1.1)
    Best if at least 32/64 MB of video memory

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