The Magic of DAZ 3D

The Magic of DAZ 3D

Silver Maps

Creative Development - Behind the scenes with Marie

Silver Surfer

Meet Marie Blanchard, our "Silver Surfer" gal. Originally from Haiti, we spoke to her from her home in Pittsburgh, PA. We first asked her how she got together with DAZ 3D.

"They saw my portfolio last summer; said they were impressed and asked if I was willing to fly out for a special scan session," said Marie. "It was really my first 'big' gig and I was up for anything."

But Marie hadn't seen or experienced anything until we brushed her silver.

"I don't know what the process is," admitted Marie. "But, I looked like the Silver Surfer. Very cool. And during the scan you can't move at all or it gets screwed up. And I moved around a lot!"

We asked Marie if the process ever felt uncomfortable, having to have every inch of her body sprayed and then exposed completely in the scanner.

"Well, the biggest challenge was being completely nude, but it wasn't really uncomfortable," said Marie. "We just had fun, cracked some jokes to break the ice. I really enjoyed the shoot."

Another challenge faced Marie when she arrived. The wig she wore-designed to protect her hair from the paint-not only ruined the $200 hair style she had done the night before, but ultimately didn't keep the paint out.

"I did have a wig on but the silver seeped through," said Marie. "I wanted to cry!" But the DAZ guys were really cute. They went and bought me a curling iron. It was just cute to think of two guys going out and getting a curling iron for me."

Since her first "big gig" with DAZ 3D, Marie's career has been really going places. In fact, she's been in a couple of movies - one with Donnie Wahlberg and another directed by Judd Apatow of Knocked Up.

But the silver mapping experience isn't soon to be forgotten.

"I had silver in my ears for about a week. People would say 'what's that in your ears?'"

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