Create Custom Medical Art
Create Custom Medical Art

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Medical Bundle Starter Pack

Medical Bundle Starter Pack To make it as easy as possible for you to get started, we have bundled our most essential medical models into this convenient starter pack. You will get all the following models for only $99.95:

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Create High-Resolution, Custom Images... Fast & Royalty Free

DAZ 3D models are three dimensional representations of the human figure, organs, bones and other objects that can be manipulated and customized using our FREE DAZ Studio software. It is like directing your own photo shoot, and you own

  • V4 Skeleton
  • Victoria 4 Muscle Morphs and Maps
  • Medical Bundle Muscle Pack
  • V4-M4 Internal Organs Bundle
  • DAZ Brain

all of the rights for your work... royalty free. Don't waste time looking for pre-made medical imagery, create your own custom image with DAZ 3D and save time and money.

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DAZ Studio 3: 3D Design and Animation SoftwareDAZ 3D provides complimentary access to a variety of getting started video tutorials which help the beginner and advanced users alike. It is simple and fun!


Why Are DAZ 3D Figures So Lifelike?

DAZ 3D medical products were modeled and textured by professional medical illustrator artists and MD's. Our figures are developed using actual human anatomy and bone structure. Our models are customizable, allowing you to duplicate lifelike movements and modify body shapes. Victoria 4 for example can be morphed to illustrate the stages of pregnancy.


DAZ Studio 3: 3D Design and Animation Software
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