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Genesis Supersuit

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Introducing the
Genesis Supersuit

The Genesis Supersuit is the most powerful and versatile clothing product you will ever own.

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Genesis Supersuit

The Genesis™ Supersuit is a revolutionary 3D Clothing product. This product contains nearly 300 material groups that match and complement the Genesis™ figure. It is the most versatile clothing item available. Create anything from armor, boots and gloves, masks, helmets, sweat bands, yoga outfits and more. Apply a dazzling array of material and shader presets that make anything from fur to chrome metal. With displacement maps, material settings and other full clothing preset options, you can literally produce hundreds of clothing items from this one powerful product.

The Genesis™ Super Suit is complete with powerful options to create an almost unlimited number of clothing items including:

  • Advanced Suit Controls
  • Material Presets
  • Surface and Shader Presets
  • Easy Use Controls
  • Shape Presets
  • Complete Clothing Outfit Presets
  • Props, Scenes, and Support Files
  • Custom Characters Creation

Genesis Supersuit in action

Genesis Supersuit logo Michael - Knight in Armor
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Victoria - Genesis Supersuit Pink
The Supersuit Advances the Power of Genesis

When you combine the most powerful clothing product with the most advanced 3D figure platform, you get nearly unlimited possibilities. Genesis allows you to create numerous characters from one universal mesh while the Genesis Supersuit produces countless clothing options and material settings. When you combine the two the potential is staggering.


What can you do with the Supersuit?

  • Genesis Supersuit Possibilities - Hero
  • Genesis Supersuit Possibilities - Hero
  • Genesis Supersuit Possibilities - Hero
  • Genesis Supersuit Possibilities - Hero
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Genesis Supersuit logo
Genesis Supersuit Feature Comparison
Genesis Supersuit logo
Supersuit Base
Supersuit Pro Bundle
Supersuit Pro Suite
Supersuit Base 222
Supersuit Troopers  22
Supersuit Fantasy Pack  22
Supersuit Sci-Fi Pack  22
Supersuit Hero Pack  22
Supersuit Super Hero Content Bundle   2
Supersuit Sci-Fi Content Bundle   2
Supersuit Fantasy Content Bundle   2
Genesis Creature Creator Bundle   2
Mardi Gras Super Suit   2
Super Masks for Genesis   2
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