Illustrate your comic book with tools from DAZ 3D

Create Custom Comic Book Figures

Enhance your comic book illustrations with pre-built customizable characters from DAZ 3D. Pose, render, and quickly create the exact angle, look, and style you desire. Download DAZ Studio 4 now and begin experimenting.

Simple, powerful, 3D figure creation for any comic book artist

  • Zombies - Shape and Morph Flexibility
  • Underwear Man - Precise Lighting
  • Sexy Aiko Superhero - Fast Clothing and Texture Editing
  • Scary Spike Club Troll - Pre-built Characters
  • Green Arrow Girl Arrowette - Cartoon Rendering
  • War Priest Hammer Guy - Easy, Accurate Posing

Sam Kennedy in action video

Sam Kennedy uses DAZ 3D in his process.

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  3. Take your characters to the next level.
  4. Select from a huge variety of pre-built figures and clothing.
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Your Competition Already Uses These Tools

  • More accurate figure poses
  • Save time creating accurate figures and lighting
  • Augment your process to be faster and more accurate
  • Saves time so you can earn more revenue
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"I use DAZ 3D's Victoria and Michael as my core figures." Dark Jedi
"I knew I could do the job with the help of the models offered by DAZ 3D." John Van Fleet
"DAZ Studio lighting solutions alone are a tremendous value. Not to mention quick and easy to use." Sam Kennedy

Artist Credits

DAZ Comic Book Artist Credits
  1. Blayde, by Dark Jedi
  2. Bat Girl, by John Van Fleet
  3. Cheetara, by Sam Kennedy
  4. Paranormal Romance, by Sam Kennedy
  5. Jet Cycle Get-Away, by Sam Kennedy
  6. Serra Angel, by Dark Jedi
  7. Pale Rider, by John Van Fleet
  8. Hulk Face, by Daniel Vest
  9. Wonder Woman, by John Van Fleet
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