3D Animation

3D Animation

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So You Want to Do 3D Animation?

Whether video games and movies are your destination or you just want to dabble in a new hobby, figuring out where to begin can be daunting. Let us help you understand some of the top industry tools to get you started on the right foot.



Be gentle, its my first time.


No training wheels, I got this.


This is my job, give me the best.


DAZ Studio 4.5 + aniMate 2

  • Equip and clothe your figures
  • Drag, drop and modify pre-made animation blocks

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get started today DAZ studio 1 DAZ studio 2

DAZ Studio 4.5 + aniMate 2

  • Map real faces from photos
  • Voice / lip sync & physics
  • Game quality output

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take a step up iclone video 1 iclone video 2

DAZ Studio 4.5 + aniMate 2

  • Professional quality output
  • Build models from scratch
  • Advanced animation tools

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go pro today carrara video 1 carrara video 2

Another option: leverage the strength of all three

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